Why Use Scaffolding in Construction?

19th October 2016

In the planning stages of your construction or renovation venture, one of the first things you should be considering is whether you have the right tools for your team to safely and productively complete their work. In today’s blog Abbeyfeale Scaffolding explore the reasons why it is important to use scaffolding in construction, no matter how small or large the scale of the project.



Perhaps the most imperative reason why it is necessary to use scaffolding in construction is to prevent accidents and injuries. Working at height can be extremely dangerous, therefore it’s vital that any project has a stable structure in place so that construction can be carried out safely; falling from height is an extremely common cause of fatality within the industry. Debris nets can also be set up as a means of catching falling debris, thereby protecting not only the construction workers but any members of the public walking around or beneath the scaffolding.

Working as a team

An easily navigable platform facilitates the opportunity for multiple labourers to comfortably work together with enough room to safely move around each other. There is also plenty of space for toolboxes to be kept close at hand, allowing for quick and easy changeover of tools throughout the day. Not only is this convenient for the workers themselves but it also promotes efficiency, all of which is beneficial when trying to adhere to strict project deadlines.

Flexibility and Ease of Work

A key advantage of scaffolding is that it can be erected and taken down easily to allow for complete flexibility on site. The poles may feel lightweight – which is ideal for bulk transporting – but they are in fact deceptively strong and can be moved around quickly as builders transition to different parts of the building. Moreover, navigating large structures and reaching more difficult areas is an easy task thanks to the flat, level surface provided by the boards and platform.


We here at Abbeyfeale Scaffolding cannot advocate enough how crucial it is to use scaffolding in construction. Our professional and highly knowledgeable team have over ten years of experience within the industry and can advise you on what kind of scaffolding is the safest and most appropriate for your project. To benefit from our expert guidance just give us a call on 0121 359 1800 or fill in our easy to use online form.


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