Stay Warm on the Construction Site This Winter

8th November 2016

As a construction worker, you will often be completing projects on sites with heavy rain, wind, and other harsh elements. Spending all day on high commercial scaffolding undoubtedly results in greater exposure to the weather and therefore stronger winds and colder temperatures.


Consequently, it is extremely important that you understand how to protect yourself against these unforgiving conditions and guard against common problems such as hypothermia and frostbite. Abbeyfeale Scaffolding Ltd has reviewed some of the key ways that you can stay warm on the construction site this winter:


Stay Warm on the Construction Site with Appropriate Clothing

Always be smart when it comes to your clothing; wearing multiple layers that cover as much skin as possible, are loose enough to allow for free movement, and still combat the wintry chill, all help you to stay warm on the construction site. The layer closest to your skin should draw away moisture and prevent you from getting damp with sweat as you work. The subsequent middle layer needs to be made of a material such as fleece and will act as an insulator to retain body heat, whilst the outer layer braces you against the wind and rain and should accordingly comprise of a waterproof fabric. Try to keep a spare set of clothes on hand in case you get wet, as damp clothing in cold climates will cause your core body temperature to drop and potentially lead to hypothermia.


Don’t Forget the Head, Hands and Feet

Although your hard hat is protective against falling objects, unfortunately it doesn’t offer much in the way of insulation from the cold; opt for a liner that can cover your head and neck and will sit comfortably underneath your hat. In a profession that depends upon working with your hands, keeping them tucked into your coat isn’t a very practical solution when trying to stay warm on the construction site; instead you should invest in a pair of gloves that will be durable enough to withstand use on tough materials, insulate your hands, and maintain your dexterity. Furthermore, composite boots are a great alternative to the steel toe boot, being more comfortable and lightweight whilst still offering protection for your feet.


Watch out for Signs of Hypothermia

Keeping regularly updated with your team will not only help you keep track of your progress on site but will also help you look out for those tell-tale indications of hypothermia. If you notice that any of your colleagues are shivering, seem disoriented, or struggling to breathe, call emergency services as soon as possible. Whilst you wait for medical assistance, take the person inside and help them to warm up by removing wet clothes and supplying them with warm beverages, towels, and blankets.


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